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Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation

We have three different grass varieties available for lawn installation – brown top fescue, 100% fescue and rye grass fescue. Depending on your specific requirements and preferences we will help you to choose the most appropriate grass type. After installation, it’s critical to have the correct grass care regime in place to maximise the growth of your new lawn, we’ll assist with the best approach.

We level your site to be lawned with a bobcat and laser level to get the correct falls and contour. We use the soil form your driveway and patio excavation plus soil from other sources which will save you money. Before the lawn is laid or seeded, we can install ground treated timber edging and concrete paver mowing edges to make your maintenance easy.

Irrigation in your lawn also makes maintenance easy. We can install manually-operated irrigation or fully automatic. As we are horticulturalists, we can advise on the best construction of your lawn as preparation is paramount.